NOMN Alumna Marian Yeager Announces Feature Film

Happy to report more doings from NOMN filmmakers! This time it’s Marian Yeager; we screened her “2 White Kids With Problems” horror short.

Here’s her message, with a link to her Indiegogo campaign at the bottom.

conway-curveHello from the Conway Curve and the Yeager sisters!

We are very excited to share we have most COMPLETED our first feature film! Its very exciting to be at this point of postproduction! We have picture lock and are now working on the sound edit and putting music into the film. The process that normally takes months has been completed rather quickly for us as we have the most excellent and dedicated crew on this project, We are even to the point of releasing a trailer soon. And on Facebook we have released many photos from the film.

But for all the likes and shares on our Indiegogo campaign we have not raised the funds for completing the final steps we have in front of us. Namely the sound edit, the placement of music and the entrance fees into film festivals we would like to enter. Like Sundance, Slamdance, South by Southwest and other big festivals; we might even try for Cannes again this year.

So please consider helping us complete our film. It is beautifully shot and well acted. The story is full of heart and is family friendly. We have been told many times over that our film is just what the film industry needs.

Here is the link to our campaign. If perks are your thing we have some really good ones but if not you can donate without a perk. Either way is okay with us. And one last thing please share the info about our of project. Even that we have one!


Wanna see director John Sayles live?

Hello, movie lovers!

Legendary director John Sayles is visiting Austin next week, and you can see him free at the KLRU studios if you are so inclined.

Here’s the blurb from KLRU:

John Sayles is perhaps one of the most respected independent filmmakers of our time. In 1979, he produced his first film entitled Return of the Secaucus 7. In 1983 he received a MacArthur Foundation “genius grant,” which paid him to produce films for five years, including The Brother from Another Planet in 1984. Sayles has written several novels including his first story I-80 Nebraska that won an O. Henry Award and his novel Union Dues which was nominated for a National Book Award. Sayles most recent feature film Go For Sisters was released in November. He is in Austin for a screening of his 1987 film MATEWAN with the Austin Film Society.

To RSVP and get directions to the KLRU studios (UT campus), please click the link above.

Great stuff. Nueva Onda may be closed, but the Nueva Onda Movie Nights have not forgotten you. Stay warm!