NOMN Presents HAUSU, special Prehallow’s Eve screening, 8pm, Friday Oct. 29

Friday, October 29th, the Nueva Onda Movie Nights is screening the bloody, mindbending Japanese film HAUSU – at 8pm! Free! Door prizes!

Hausu is a Japanese horror movie so eccentric it qualifies as its own genre. Often imitated, never matched, it lived for years on bootleg tapes and discs — and in the lurid memories of all who saw it on a big screen. Now it’s back in a great-looking reissue, and still bat-crap crazy. If you missed it at Fantastic Fest, like I did, now is your time to make Halloween amends.

Seven young women, who have chosen as nicknames the brand names of much-advertised consumer products, begin to disappear in a decidedly suspicious manner. Are they fashion victims? How else can one explain the eerie coordination between their pastel outfits and the pastels of the rooms in which they appear? It is up to the heroine — whose every screen appearance is heralded by special lighting, gentle breezes, and a soft camera focus — to find out what is going on. To reveal any more would spoil the unique effect of the delirious cinematic entity that is Hausu. (1977, 88 minutes.)

7.5 stars at IMDB. Possibly the oddest cinematic experience ever to come out of Japan.

Wow! Noribuki Obayashi’s “Hausu” aka. “House” of 1977 is easily one of the weirdest films I ever saw and I generally generally am a fan of the bizarre. – IMDB user

A brain-rattling delight. – Austin Chronicle Chronolog

Parental warning: Too weird for kids. Possibly too weird for adults.

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The Nueva Onda Movie Nights is a FREE, fan- and mister-cooled monthly movie screening held rain-or-shine, 8 pm, on the covered patio at Nueva Onda restaurant, 2218 College, just northwest of Oltorf and S. Congress. Our volunteers show award-winning indie shorts, docs, and features from around the world. Find out more about us at! Limited menu of nachos, cookies, popcorn, and drinks. Schedule subject to change.

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