7/8: “David Holzman’s Diary,” Will Smith… and a Limited Menu

Thursday’s movie night! Whee!

Thursday, July 8th, the Nueva Onda Movie Nights is screening the never-released-in-the-US feature film DAVID HOLZMAN’S DIARY (100/100 at Rotten Tomatoes) and the comedy short I LOVE YOU, WILL SMITH at 8pm! Grab bag door prizes as always!

A darling among film critics, the rare DAVID HOLZMAN’S DIARY is a milestone in contemporary film history. Brilliantly conceived and executed, it manages to simultaneously be very much of its time and very many years ahead of its time. The film tells the story of David Holzman (L.M. Kit Carson), a young man infatuated with film and film-making. Newly unemployed and beset with doubts and worries, Holzman thinks that filming his everyday existence will “bring life into focus”. Staged to seem like a documentary of a real person’s life, Holzman’s filming of his life starts to take over his life.

Carson turns in a memorable performance. He went on to pen PARIS, TEXAS, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, and BREATHLESS. McBride continued with THE BIG EASY and SIX FEET UNDER. (Part of the NOMN “Unrentable” series, 1967, 73 minutes, adult language and situations)

A delightful satire… time has served it very well. – The New York Times

A landmark in independent filmmaking that feels as fresh as ever. – Cinemateque

Our opener is the delightful I LOVE YOU, WILL SMITH, a short from Austinite Bradley Jackson and his talented team. Randal loves Will Smith. Jake doesn’t. Who will win? Starring comedians John Ramsey (Comedy Central) and Mike Macrae (Letterman). (7 min; AFS Member Showcase selection)

Quick administrative note: We’ll be running on a limited movie-night menu this Thursday. You can order nachos, cookies, and the usual assortment of delicious ice-cold beverages. Screening committee member Kevin is planning to serve gourmet popcorn while it lasts; a small donation is appreciated. Why limited, you ask? Oh, friend, do you really want to know? We’re just as sick of hearing about budgets as you are. Let’s just put it this way: Introduce your friends to the movie nights. Tip your server. Be nice to Nora, who owns the place and is a great supporter of indie film.

The Nueva Onda Movie Nights is a FREE, fan- and mister-cooled monthly movie screening held rain-or-shine, 8 pm, on the covered patio at Nueva Onda restaurant, 2218 College, just northwest of Oltorf and S. Congress. Our volunteers show award-winning indie shorts, docs, and features from around the world. Find out more about us at nuevaaustin.com! Limited menu of nachos, cookies, popcorn, and drinks. NOMN is BYOB. Schedule subject to change.

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