This Thurs., Jun. 10: See the lost Louis Malle film “Zazie” at NOMN


The Nueva Onda Movie Nights, one of Austin’s most micro microcinema venues, is pleased to announce a rare screening of a groundbreaking movie by legendary French director Louis Malle, who also directed The Lovers, Atlantic City, and My Dinner With Andre.

Never available on DVD in this country, Zazie dans le Metro (Zazie In The Metro, 1960) kicks off a regular feature at NOMN called Unrentable. It will spotlight movies that have fallen through the digital cracks in the U.S. Though available on DVD in other countries, most of these films cannot be played on standard American DVD players due to region restrictions and frame-rate incompatibility. Possible future titles in this series include David Holzman’s Diary, The Green Man, and Signore & Signori.

Zazie dans le Metro is a comedy that uses Paris to showcase a foul-mouthed country girl and her eccentric uncle who gambol about Paris on a series of ever more lunatic adventures. Malle rewrote the rules of movie style with rapid editing and a pop-art pallette of bright colors. The movie gleefully ignores rules of time and space, and it is saturated in blithe disrepect for good manners, common sense, and conventionality.

Historians generally acknowledge that many of the techniques that were surprising to Anglophone audiences in movies such as A Hard Day’s Night have their origin in Zazie. It is based on a novel by Raymond Queneau, a leading light of experimental French writing in the Fifties and Sixties.

Zazie dans le Metro stars reknowned French movie star Philippe Noiret, who went on to star in Life And Nothing But and Cinema Paradiso among many other memorable films, in one of his first roles — he was only two days shy of 30 when the movie was released in France. Appearing in the title role is Catherine Demongeot, who made an indelible imprint on cinema history with this one role and, aside from a few small parts, did not pursue movie acting. (Trivia: Demongeot briefly reprised the role of Zazie in a cameo in Jean-Luc Godard’s Une Femme Est Une Femme.)

Zazie dans le Metro is 89 minutes long with English subtitles. It will be preceded by a short, also rarely screened in the U.S. — Claude Lelouch’s C’était un rendez-vous, which lasts for nine pulse-pounding minutes. (Subtitled.)

The Nueva Onda Movie Nights is a FREE, fan-cooled monthly movie screening held rain-or-shine, 8 pm, on the covered patio at Nueva Onda restaurant, 2218 College, just northwest of Oltorf and S. Congress. Our volunteers show award-winning indie shorts, docs, and features from around the world… but of course we love to host Austin filmmakers. Find out more about us, sponsor NOMN, volunteer to guest-curate, or submit films by contacting us! Kitchen opens at 6:30p. Schedule subject to change.


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